For Men Only – Poems on Masculinity

Mwanaume ni Confusion

It’s not easy being a guy in this day and age

On social media, mainstream media, githeri media

Name it

On social media, #MenAreTrash

On mainstream media, #MenAreViolent

On Githeri Media, #MenAreRapists

Mwanaume ni Confusion


I go to church and I hear

Man up and Man Enough

And what I see

Man is up there on a sister (not his)

and topping the food chain

Never having or being enough

Father is only title shared by God

Why are many, then

Fatherless, Godless

Mwanaume ni Confusion


Toxic Masculinity

Men bashing is a thing

We accept to be bashed

We are called right

We refuse to get bashed

They say see we told you


Man Trashing is a thing

You defend trash

You’re reminded

Your place is the bin


The good thing though

About a trashy place

Is that it can be cleaned up

And healed and restored


This masculinity can be detoxified

Cleansed, healed and made whole again

Masculinity can then be a thing

Of pride, privilege, power

Most of all, of love


 Mr President

The commander in chief

Extremely wealthy and privileged

Tuko pamoja

Until I get home

And I get it

I am on my own


The people’s president

He has fought the good fight

We will write

And gotten everything

A handshake except the prize


The other president

Who tweets for man-y

A warrior in a hostile jungle




Where he dares we will not

He is a lonely one


Remind me again

Why being president

Is a good thing

Urais si raisi








Those are the words he used to describe his father’s authority style

He is wounded before he starts on his journey proper

Fathers cause wounds to their sons

But the greatest of these

Is silence


Until he gets his son or punching bag

I fear for both

Because wounded souls wound humanity

Hurting people hurt others


Is there no hope for our sons?

Silence needs speaking up

Authority needs honor

Even in the presence of pain

Of shame and despair


Sons of fathers and Fathers of sons

Need a reawakening

A new consciousness

Oh dear, is there an app for this?


God the Father

This God is quite baffling

They say I am created in his image

Yet the image I see is

Jealous. Insecure. Angry. Punisher.


Then God the Son

Heals many

Feeds many

Sweats blood

Crucified at 33

And joins that Father


God the Holy Spirit

Great guy

But he is still a courier

I am told

For God the father


Why then is it difficult to see the love

through the violence, vengeance and vanity


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

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