Happy Fathers Day

it’s been a minute.

So, yesterday was fathers’ day. And i stood up to be counted.

Having said that…

There were also acknowledgements for single moms who ostensibly double up as dads.

Really? Seriously? I am tempted to say Hogwash! Too late, said it already.

I acknowledge that a single mother’s job is a really tough one. Very. However it will NEVER double up or take the place of a father. EVER!

I am, after all, a product of a single-parent upbringing. My mum worked really hard and she made mistakes and, yet, she couldn’t take the place my father ought to have filled.

The only qualification for a father is he has to be a man. Period.

For sons, a father‘s job is to CALL OUT the man in him.  Only a man can call out a man. Go figure.

For daughters, his role is to AFFIRM them. Consistently.

Both scenarios require  a man’s presence and authenticity.

I honestly pray that we don’t ever get to see similar acknowledgements for single fathers on Mother’s Day. Shudder.

I think  the postings were a feel good PR exercise to cover up what was really unresolved and unacknowledged misandry.


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

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