random rudimentary rhymes

i was with Rugz, my Y-chromosome.

special moments & then some.

bonding that’s wholesome;

though feeling kinda lonesome

and hoping for a twosome

to get him a li’l plum.




neither an optimist nor a pessimist but a realist be…

…a step at a time is all I can see…

…coz living in the moment just sets me free.




trust, trust, trust; without evidence, believe I must.

coz, that’s when, and only when, Love streams from You.

then, and only then, would my dreams come true.




focus & discipline, are not my lot.

without them, I lose the plot.

in a rock & a hard place, I am caught.

past is gone, so I thought.

daily battles to be won, coz I fought.




i had a fruitful time today.

be it as it may,

i had no say

if it went this or that way.

E-Z DUZ IT does pay

going with the flow made my day.




i didn’t get to sleep much.

my reality I take as such,

with my feelings I’m in touch

grateful that my job status is my crutch.




chris has been sharing

about how he’s faring

getting his bearing

with stuff that’s daring

despite the fear that’s glaring

and past failures blaring…




chris is going to do his part

flowing with what’s in his heart

while blowing his doubts apart a

and showing that his HP is indeed alert.




i have put in an honest day’s work.

i made my mark

coz it wasn’t a walk in the park.

soul seeks rest; now that it’s dark

but I’d love a rubdown on my back




i begin the day on a clean slate

though, also with a full plate.

so, I don’t wanna be late

or blame it on fate

if I’m not first past the gate.




chris is going forth in courage

knowing that he has the advantage

that in order to manage

is to place in His hands

all my baggage.




Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

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