Father Blessing: Still Got Work To Do

First posted on 29th October, 2010

Today, I am just jazzed.

I buried my dad yesterday. And the preparation since I last shared has been along the lines of honouring him. It was mostly trial and error yet a very interesting journey. I am truly grateful to the suggestions and prayers from friends which I considered as marching orders.

Today, I am just jazzed.

Yesterday, a door opened just as an old one closed. In burying him, I said goodbye to a past I have made very significant. In taking my son to the funeral I said hello to a future for and with my son.

Yaani, today, I am just jazzed

Because I feel like I was at a bash rather than a funeral. But more than that, it was an answered prayer. After Sunday’s lecture I asked, in prayer, for God to show me in my reality or at my level how exactly He loves me and believes in me. Yesterday he did just that.

And, today, I am just jazzed


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

2 thoughts on “Father Blessing: Still Got Work To Do”

  1. He did not die
    You did not loose
    Gone one may be
    Opportunities here stood
    So grand, I would bet to see
    “He” has granted to you
    All branded at no cost
    you’ve won not lost

    There stands in your place
    Small hearted yet in innocence
    With hope “eyes on pap”
    A friend & son for a dad
    @Present now…….
    A chance to rebuild
    For generations un-cracked
    Granted it is

    Jazzed you may feel
    Embrace it with glee
    ‘He’ has given you to “be”
    For a reason and all seasons
    For a lifetime indeed
    Stand firm, there is a feasting
    That one one can’t miss


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