Phenomenal Woman Gone Venomenal

The Phenomenal Woman has gone venomenal.

Nurturing, loving and letting go was not always meant to be gentle or nice…

Self Discovery is not always polite…

…I am glad you’ve taken it on…

… a most necessary process

Blaming catalysts, vessels, messengers that got you there dishonours the process

My job is done and the result, though not mine to claim, is  a good one

Marching Orders are Marching Orders.

“Sir, yes Sir! Reporting for next assignment.”


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

2 thoughts on “Phenomenal Woman Gone Venomenal”

  1. Awesome. The birthing process is painful, impolite, and messy. Yet, a necessary process for the new lifing and endless possibilities. Go on Chris, this is an amazing blog. Keep expressing yourself


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