I Want What You Want – A share, a journal

In the last couple of months I’ve had some heart shuddering moments courtesy of Flight Soul Air.

I repeatedly found myself declaring to M that I wanted what she wanted. During a moment of seriously heightened blood pressure, I shuddered when I realised that that could include her not wanting to be on the same flight as I.

Thing is, I had declared those words and I would not withdraw them just because it seemed terribly inconvenient. I’d made promises I had no idea how to keep. And those promises were now being called in.

So, the verdict was in, “I want to disembark, Chris.”

Well, I had declared the words, and more than that, I had a personal commitment to keep them. I chose to keep the promise. And it was also in line with my resolution to do at least one thing daily that intimidates me.

No blame,just honouring my word, period. It wasn’t easy, and all is still unfolding. Not always graciously, I might add.

Yet, I’m deeply grateful that I had been granted the opportunity, the privilege. It was an ultimate test.

I see that being  a man who aspires integrity, my duty is to have those in my life WIN in their life, no matter what.

The ‘no matter what’ showed up in a not so gentle way recently.

I’m open to love again and again. More and more.

Increased self awareness showed me that I still need to do some more work on my flying skills. I’ve already signed up for that.

The main requirement being to forgive myself – especially for thinking that I did anything wrong-with the hope of starting over.

With a fresh script and fresh cast and a fresh commitment.

I am grateful for the awesomest flight attendants, who helped on this particular journey.

You know yourselves.

The Flight MUST go on!


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

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