Governing Values or Marching Orders?

I am complete

I cannot give away what I did not have in the first place. I have all that I need.
Through awareness, gentleness and forgiveness, I accept myself.

I am a beginner

In humility, courage and integrity, I admit I have not arrived. My theme poem says it all;
I went shopping for a happy ending. I couldn’t find one; so, I bought a new beginning.

I am a learner

I admit, I do not know everything yet there is a lot to learn. So through honesty, open mindedness and willingness, I will read, study, take classes, attend seminars, learn from role models and master new techniques and technology that will enable me to learn throughout my life.

I am an artist

I design new patterns of living. I express the beauty and harmony that is in all of us. I mirror who we are through poetry, painting and independent thought and action.

I am a communicator

I share the message of happiness, joy and freedom through possibility thinking, positive thinking, creative expression and fellowship.

I am an influencer

Through self-expression, I inspire others to think differently. To see that through the unique experience of their lives, all is designed for good. Personal growth becomes and remains a top priority with transformation the guiding principle.

I am a coach

Through open-mindedness, understanding, acceptance and patience, I bring others to new levels of expression. I nurture and love and let go.

I do the will of God

Through meditation and prayer, I seek to improve my conscious contact with my creator. I ask for knowledge of His will for me and the power to carry it out. I am freed from a life of limited existence.

I am a servant leader

I help people achieve their dreams and arrive at their purpose. I help, I support, I give of my time, my resources and myself and I guide. Through service, do I find meaning, fulfillment and love.

I am a seeker of truth

I am on a journey that starts with “the truth is out there” to “the truth is within me”. God is a process for me and is ever evolving. Through the philosophy of “This, too, shall pass” and “one day at a time” and through the journey of recovery and discovery, I gain a deeper understanding of truth and God’s will for me.
I stay grateful, humble and willing for more of the truth. I am empowered and enlightened.


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

4 thoughts on “Governing Values or Marching Orders?”

  1. I am born again my comment is with God all things are possible and anything is possible for those who believe. steve


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