Money or the Mind

How often have we heard that, “I’d like to do my own thing, I just don’t have the capital’? There goes another dream that might have been an inauguration waiting to happen.

I was sharing with a friend that I was contemplating setting up my own outfit: ” but do you have the funding?” was the inevitable first question. I said “No” and I averred that funds were the least of my problems.

My mind is what I have to contend with. In conversations with it,it’ll,at times,tell me “This dream,Chris,that you say’s in your heart is awesome and you should go for it.It’s about time someone did it!It might as well be you.” then when I’m just getting used to the inspiration that’s filling my heart,then it says,”who the *@#% do you think you are Chris to think that you can do this?You are just a loser!”

Again, I believe what it’s telling me. Either way,It’s oh so convincing.’Yes,we can!’,’Dare to Dream’,’Anything’s Possible’.Those thoughts are quickly vanquished by self doubt.My mind quickly becomes my best friend turned greatest enemy.

This is especially when I am asked to ‘be realistic’ or ‘start small’ when this wide chasm separating bondage, fear on one side to freedom,love, happiness, prosperity, joy,whatever on the other, can only be crossed with one giant leap of faith.

So, my friends, availability of funds is really the least of my concerns.


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

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