Eulogy vs Resume

I confess that I dread eulogy readings at Kenyan funerals.(in truth, they are the only ones I’ve ever attended).They are almost always CV recitals.They tell you what they DID not who they ARE.I know this is sensitive and I know we want to remember only the best of the dearly departed.

In the spirit of keeping it real,I’m writing my own eulogy just like I do my own CV.Only difference is that the eulogy will bring out the bumness as well as the greatness.With the CV,only greatness.An eventual interview usually brings out the bumness.I hope to read it out before that inevitable event.

Why?you may ask.Well,because eulogies,Kenyan style,like,say, autopsies do not benefit the ones to whom they are bestowed.And,trust me,at my funeral,I definitely will not be auditioning for anything.

I’ll even take it further…I am now taking it upon myself,a resolution if you will,to authentically acknowledge at least one person and their greatness on a daily basis.

Yeah,that’s worth living,and,yes,dying for.


Author: Chris

Thriving in The Love Edition

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